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How much do we charge?

In general we base our fees on revenue earned.  We charge 4% without payroll and 5% with payroll.  For example if $100,000 in revenue was earned in a year we charge $4000 or $5000 for the year.  Divide $4000/12 $333 or $5000/12 $417 to get a monthly amount.  Please note we have monthly minimums for specific industries.

Small Business Start-Up $150 monthly minimum

Nonprofits/Cannabis $350 monthly minimum

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Redtail Accounting

"Book-keeping, while a science, deserves to rank among the fine arts.  It challenges the admiration of lovers of the beautiful and true.  It cultivates the judicial powers of the mind. It quickens and strengthens the love of justice and equity.  It promotes fair dealing among men and women." 

Ira Mayhew 1884

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