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Client Testimonials

“My relationship with Redtail Accounting began when I attended CEO Tina Begay's QuickBooks presentation at a gathering intended to support Native-led nonprofits. I quickly reached out to Tina to see if she could help us succeed. Since that time, with laughter and joy, Tina has helped us stay in federal and state compliance. Our administration is so grateful for Redtail Accounting because we know we are not alone and we can reach out and ask questions. Redtail has helped us navigate new tax laws and complete tax forms that often take more than a few minds to understand. Tina is helping us reach new milestones by helping us learn more about payroll and we appreciate her observation of our needs. Tina is patient and kind and definitely our safety net. We are so grateful to have her by our side."

-SW, Executive Director of Whiteswan Environmental (WE) 

"The National Native American Hall of Fame’s main priorities include, planning and conducting an annual induction ceremony, developing education curriculum, and constructing a facility to house exhibits about our inductees. Each of these activities involve finance. We engage in fundraising and sponsorships for our Induction Ceremonies, and we receive grant funding for curriculum development and exhibit development. We will also be launching a Capital Campaign to raise the funds to construct the Hall of Fame facility, and our accounting needs will take on added importance. Tina Begay at Redtail Accounting has been an integral member of our Hall of Fame team because she provides our organization with valuable guidance, and advice in addition to putting our finances and reporting on a sound foundation."

-James Parker Shield, Executive Director of National Native American Hall of Fame

"Northern Agency Veterans Organization (NAVO), a Non-Profit Community oriented Veterans Organization, is in its infant stage. We were struggling to maintain an accurate budget that is flawless, accountable, affordable, friendly, honest and transparent. We interviewed several Bookkeepers and Redtail Accounting was the best we have found that deals with Non-profit organization and what we were looking for. I will be recommending Redtail Accounting to other nonprofits. That’s how much I have trust in Redtail to keep our books."

 -Vern R. Lee, Northern Agency Veterans Organization

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"Book-keeping, while a science, deserves to rank among the fine arts.  It challenges the admiration of lovers of the beautiful and true.  It cultivates the judicial powers of the mind. It quickens and strengthens the love of justice and equity.  It promotes fair dealing among men and women." 

Ira Mayhew 1884

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